1. The minimum age for admission to class 1 is 5+ year on the first of April of the year of admission to school; the age of the higher classes will be computed correspondingly
  2. Admission is open to boys and girls in classes Nur. To IX as boarder and day scholars. There will be boarding facilities also for the students of class NUR. To X
  3. Parents and Guardians desiring admission for their wards should obtain the Prospectus from the Principal’s office on payments of Rs. 300/- plus postal charges for boarder and day scholars and send the enclosed Registration/Admission form duly completed in all respects.
  4. In case of a new admission, a written test in Mathematics, English and Hindi for two hours will have to be taken. An interview will also be conducted in the first or second week of Jan. or on the day of admission test to ascertain the class to which admission is to be granted. Exact date of admission Test will be intimated well in advance through Mass Media and official letter.
  5. Failure to be present on the appointed date of the admission test and interview will mean that the candidates forfeit his or her right to admission.
  6. The school reserves the right to admit or reject any students without assigning any reason the decision of the Principal will be final. Admissions are made on the basis of merit of Candidates and of the discretion of the Principal.
  7. A certificate of the child’s Date of Birth/Transfer Certificate must be attached with the application form. The birth certificate either from the Municipal Corporation or from a recognized institution only will be honored.
  8. Day scholars will be admitted to the school as per availability of seats.
  9. English is the media of instruction right from the beginning. Hindi/Sanskrit is also taught from class Nur. To Xth as one of the subject.


  1. The management reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student who has proved immune to correction. Hence persistent and habitual cases of dishonestly, immorality, use of bad language, drugs drinking, smoking or any other way ward activities which may be detrimental to the welfare of other students will lead to immediate removal. The cases of continuous sickness and academic regression and failure may also lead to withdraw.
  2. Parents desiring to withdrawal their ward of their own, accord shall have to give three months notice in advance or else three months fees in lieu thereof. Boarders may be withdrawn only at the end of the academic year or shall pay the fees for the whole session.
  3. In case of desertion the student will in no case be allowed to be a boarder or day scholar, His name will be treated struck off from the school admission register.

A leave must be preceded by a written application addressed to the Principal and to be submitted to the class teacher, An entry to this effect must also be made in the ‘Leave Record’ page of students Diary. When a pupil, being absent on account of sickness or any other unavoidable reason, returns to school, he must bring the leave note duly entered on the Leave Record page of the Diary. The name student who is absent for continuous 06 working days without permission will be struck off the rolls. A fee of Rs. 200/- 500/- will be charged as Re-admission fee. A habitual/frequent absentee may however, be denied re-admission.
Student suffering from the following disease must observe the prescribe period of quarantine before to class with a doctor’s certificate of fitness, but parents/guardians must please inform of the sickness as in case of other leaves:

Chicken Pox - Till complete falling of scabs.
Cholera - Till child is completely recovered.
Measles - Two weeks after the rash disappears.
Mumps - Until the swelling has gone (3-4 weeks)
Whooping Cough - Six Weeks.


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