Tours and Excursions
Educational tours and excursions which are of great educational value are generally organized by the school during holiday.

Medical care
An M.B.B.S. (Child specialist) doctor visits the school to look after the health and hygiene of the students. Who require further care and treatment are taken to Manpur or Gaya as per the advice of school doctor the management ensures to keep one standby vehicle in the campus all time during day and night. Besides, one trained medical assistant who looks after the children medically to the entire satisfaction of children and their guardians.

Examinations and promotion
The school has a system of continuous evaluation. There are monthly, terminal and Half-yearly tests and promotion to the next class depends of the total academic achievement of the student at the end of the session. The progress reports of the students are regularly sent to the parents.
The general intention for promotion is that students know the subject matter of present class sufficiently well follow the subject in higher class easily.
The student should get at least 35% in each subject for the years average.
The results declared at the end of session are final and cannot be reconsidered.
A student who shows no sign of improvement or who fails to obtain required marks in consecutive will not be permitted to continue his students in the school.

The school has a well stacked & computerized library, staffed adequately to keep the library in order and to guide students during their library periods to make use of library and also to advise and instruct regarding research and reference.
To meet the academic needs of the students, the library has a large collection of books on a variety of academic and general subject. The school also subscribes to several newspaper, periodicals and magazines to encourage students to keep abreast of current affairs. A library period for each class is incorporated into the weekly time table to promote the habit of self-study.

Health and Physical Education
The school is concerned about its ward health and participation in health promoting activities. A qualified staff keeps the record of children health.

Physical Education
Physical education promotes health and personality. Physical education includes Team Games, Gymnastics, Athletics, yoga and Indoor Games etc. By participating in physical education activities a child satisfied not only his inner urge to expand his energies but develop his personality also. A further growth implies physical skill, grace team work, emotional compassion, intellectual ability, gift and determination. Participation in physical Education Programme is compulsory: 40 minutes Calisthenics in the morning and one hour games in the evening unless one is medically unfit. The total programmed is run by professionally trained personnel and supervised by our regular staff. Our Residential teachers prefer to play with the student in routine. Matches are normally organized teacher vs. students at least once in a week. This help to control untoward happenings during play or the Physical education period. Physical Education is now introduced as one of the compulsory subject at +2 levels.

Stationery and Bookshop
The school maintains a bookshop strictly for the benefits of the students. One can get article of academic use and personal hygiene (soap, toothpaste brush and powder etc.) The bill will be realized from the personal account of the individual.

The school organizes and encourages healthy competitive participation with Pragya Bharti Public School House and outside between schools in variety of activities such as sports, games, debates, essay writing, drama, painting and declamation contest. This fosters a spirit of fair play and loyalty to house and spirit-se-school.
In play situations students learn to the humble in victory and courageous and bold in defeat. They may lose a match but they learn meaning of sportsmanship and team work.

Mess and meal
The school runs one mess of its own to facilitate quick and quality food to the boarders.
Meal is served according to menu prepared by the hostel prefect and other appointment holders of the hostel in consultation with the hostel superintendent.
Rules pertaining to the contents of the food, cleanliness, hygiene and table manners etc. are

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