Vision & Mission

  • The school aims to provide the possible educational opportunities especially to the weaker sections of society by enrolling them giving encouragement as day scholars at nominal charges.
    The School admits students from all sections and from all parts of the country as boarders. This helps in providing a better and richer exposure to the local students who get an opportunity to interact with students of different communities and cultures.
  • To encourage each and every student to develop his/her own potential to discover his/her strengths and weaknesses and to learn to choose the right line of action for a free and progressive life.
  • To lay the basic foundation of its students to rich high levels of competence in their chosen profession, after leaving school and to make them enable to serve the society to the best of their ability.
  • To develop qualities of vivid thinking, and right doing and understanding in proper perspective, history, culture, social values and their co-relation to the advancing science and technology of today. The school strives to infuse healthy attitudes in each individual so that he/she may understand and cultivate qualities of moral perception aesthetics sensibility, dignity of labor and creative venture.
  • To make each and every child learn to take an interest in the world in which he/she lives and foster in him human qualities of head and heart that will make him a good human being and a progressive citizen.
  • The school is aware of individual differences in ability and interest. The school tries to provide many avenues of study to suit the specific interest of each child. Success develops confidence to face life squarely. It is because of his reason we strive towards all round development of each child through all possible measures.
  • In twelve years stay at PBPS, Manpur, Gaya a child of 5 years becomes a confident adolescent on the threshold of adulthood. In these years of test and toil the school works day and night to ensure that each and every student is cast in a perfect mould, ready to withstand the pressure of ensuring university education and life itself.  
  • We, at PVPS, endeavor, while retaining enriching traditions, to open up new vistas for a purposeful educational system that will set in motion the much desired social economic and culture revolution. Instead our objective is to identify the basic problems, to enlighten; to encourage and to foster in the child intellectual society simultaneously. We make utmost efforts to get our students in a congenial atmosphere to ensure that our student do not only receive the prevailing academic education but become active. Self reliant and build up their characters in keeping with the national ideals of renunciation and service.

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The Pragya Bharti Public School is located at the Manpur (Patwatoli) & alipur near 2 kilometer from engineering college.

Address: Alipur, Manpur, Gaya
Telephone:  +91 9430 442 800
FAX:   +631 221 5243