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The schools play an important role in development of education. Personality of student. It lays great emphasis one his development of potential in all areas of life, seeking excellence for its own sake and not as a means of competing with others. The atmosphere of the school is a subtle entity which reflects way in which the philosophy of the school is lived out. The give and take, the building of relationships, of mutual acceptance among children and staff of widely different backgrounds is seen as an essential part of this.

The School is characterized by the simplicity of its life style, shunning all forms of luxury or excessive display, and carefully removing or orienting all existing structures which might make a child feel inferior or force her/him to accept charity unnecessarily. The school values national integration through the promotion of peace, communal harmony and justice; and it collaborates with local educational and civic agencies.

The school has class from one to class ten. Eight to Ten classes has two sections. The section may be increase according to strength of student. All teachers are well qualified and experienced and they all are dedicated to student development. School is run under capacity of Pragya Bharti Public Educational Trust in the name of Pragya Bharti is very famous high reputed in the field of education.

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The Pragya Bharti Public School is located at the Manpur (Patwatoli) & alipur near 2 kilometer from engineering college.

Address: Alipur, Manpur, Gaya
Telephone:  +91 9430 442 800
FAX:   +631 221 5243